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The purpose behind yoga is to gain a complete control over our whole personality The body, The mind, The feelings and whatever we are. Such a control leads to the optimum growth of consciousness.
Yoga is an integrated, holistic system of self culture which aims at the harmonious development and health of the body-mind complex. It is an exact science whose practices are based on the unchangeable laws of Nature.
           At its highest culmination, the yoga technology ends with realization of self, not merely confirmed to abstract knowledge, but where Reality is seen face to face, after which there remains nothing further to be known.  


Body & Mind

In these modern times with economic development, we took care or even we can say pampered body senses and neglected mind.
A pleasant feeling in the mind makes the body a spring sun shine blossomed flower while when one is in depression, body becomes cold withered flower. Inspite of very important role of mind on the body, it is virtually neglected. Mind is like an atomic bomb. Mind or will power has wrought miracles.



The mind is fluid, you can make anything out of it. How it is shaped simply depends on how it is influenced. If you look deeply, what you call your mind is really something you have barrowed from thousands of people around you. You have accumulated this mind in bits and pieces. Your mind is just your background---depending on the kind of family   you come from, your education and religion, the country or society you belong to and the world you are living in.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev


Concentration of mind

Initially of course the mind may not have any object of concentration. But when a suitable object which is capable of drawing the mind is used than the concentration occurs. We are not able to go to any other area except to the object. In doing this the mind looses its other interest and gives up its old nature of unnecessary thinking of imagination. It holds on to the object selected and forgets everything including itself. What remains in the end is just the object and the awareness of the object. This helps in knowing the object from inside and outside.  It is like a painter who even imitates a cock to understand a cock.

Yoga and total health, July 2004                                           The yoga sutras of patanjali

Vipassana Meditation

Meditation usually means concentration on a stationary object. Vipassana is different in that one observes the reality inside as it manifests itself from moment to moment, which is a constantly changing phenomenon. In this sense, Vipassana is unlike all other meditation techniques.

Basis of any unwholesome vocal and physical action is an unwholesome mental action and for every mental action, there is sensation on the body at the same time.


The Yoga Suthras of Patanjali

Our prejudices, our attachment, our desire come in the way of our seeing things, properly. If we can see things without desire and disinterestedly, then we can see the reality. This act of submission to God is a way to overcome our littleness. Yoga does not represent personal God but represents 'pure consciousness'. Become, an uninvolved spectator to life and you can see through the game. Become involved in small things and you would see nothing worthwhile.

   Hansaji                                                                                                         Yoga and Total Health, June 2003 


Yoga and diet

Like Ayurveda, Yoga considers that the type of food consumed has a strong effect on the mind. So, if one wants a peaceful mind, good for clear and concentrated thinking, then Tamasic foods such as meat and eggs or Rajasic foods which are pungent, sour and strongly spiced should be avoided. We should choose to eat easily digestible, fresh, low-protein, non-violent foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and nuts.
However, it is not enough to know what to eat, we should also know how to eat it. So Yoga advises a calm mind before and during eating and to eat consciously so as to extract maximum value out of a minimum of food.
 Drinking of water should be done only after eating so as not to dilute the gastric juices. The meals are advised to be taken at well regulated intervals.
            Yoga looks at diet as an integral part of its spiritual way of life. Modern scientists are more and more inclined to view yogic diet as the more healthy, economical and ethical diet for man.

Yoga and Total Health, April 2004


Meditation & Nature Cure

If Vipassana Meditation is for purification of mind, Naturopathy is for cleansing of the body. Both have to be integrated into a life style which can maintain equilibrium between body, mind and soul for a healthy physical and spiritual growth and productive life.



Karma is outward action, when some attitude is mixed with it then it becomes Vikarma outward doing.  Namaste or ‘Good Morning’ has no meaning if one is not bowing one’s mind internally full of feeling.  Natural action done with the same attitude is called Akarma for example a mother naturally looks after her child, she would never say, “I did so much of work for my child”.  It is sun’s inherent property to shine and give light.  If we say to a saint that you are doing good to many, he would say “I am not doing anything”.  When one’s attitude become one’s nature then he would not feel the effort of his action, his action becomes natural and effortless.  Such actions are called Akarma or Karma yoga. Such actions do not bind.

Sarita Modi                                                                      Yoga and Total Health, February 2004



Krishna’s exhortation rings repeatedly in my mind : “Tasmat yogi bhavarjuna” Therefore, be a yogi, Arjuna (VI.46). I strive continually to be that yogi. Certainly, I do not regard the job I handle or the organisation I am in with any sense of long term attachment. I am here for this moment. While I am here, I will give it my best in the true yogic sense. I did not come here with any baggage. When I go, I hope I will go with nothing to pull me back.

Shikha Sharma


Anxiety & Stress

The disturbance of mental equilibrium, which results in nervous disorders, is caused by continuous states of excitement or excessive stimulation of the senses. Indulgence in constant thoughts of fear, anger, melancholy, remorse, envy, sorrow, hatred, discontent or worry; and lack of the necessities for normal and happy living, such as right food, proper exercise, fresh air, sunshine, agreeable work, and purpose in life, all are causes of nervous disease.

Paramahansa Yogananda


Consciousness and website

Yoga is the practical interpretation of Samkhya which defines an individual as constituted of Body, Mind and Consciousness and not just the Body and Brain. Thus according to Samkhya, when an individual is born, not only the body comes into existence, but all the 3 aspects of Body, Mind and Consciousness appearing as one emerges as an individual. Mind is the central aspect with Body (and brain) external to it and Consciousness as a subtle media remotely assisting the behaviour of both body and mind. In the modern terminology, body is like the Hardwares, Mind like the Softwares and Consciousness of each individual as an Individual Website perceived to be ever changing but eternal death and birth of an individual is thus shifting of such website from one body to another.  

Dilip Traishawala                                                            Yoga and Total Health, December