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The Reality and Realization

The more we know about physical reality, about the history and structure of the universe, about the fundamental make-up of matter and the processes and patterns which lie at the roots of the material world, the more we can appreciate the immensity of the mystery of God. And the more we are in a position to grasp the mystery of ourselves - our origin and our destiny. For creation, as we have come to know it, speaks to us in fragmentary yet very true reflections of the God who created it and maintains it in existence.
Much of what modern astronomy  and cosmology investigate does not find direct application via technology. Yet it makes a vitally important contribution: It helps us to adopt a larger perspective, encouraging us to move beyond our own narrow and selfish concerns.
For the first time we have seen ourselves from outside-from the moon, and from other vantage points in our solar system. And with that startling perspective, we realize that we must be more responsible. We realise ever more deeply our smallness and our frailty, but also our grandeur.

TOI, 5 April, 2005                                                                                                Pope John Paul II



Aisvarya relates to confidence and a sense of assurance. Nothing succeeds like success. Constant defects demoralises. Doing small things and succeeding builds up our confidence. This is better than doing big things and not succeeding.
It all depends on our mind. If you think you are defeated then surely you are. Experiencing success is apparently difficult. Teaching of Yoga helps in cultivating Aisvarya-bhava. Of course this does not mean thinking low of others.
Ancient word ‘So-ham’ meaning ‘am that’ – I am God – God resides in me, then how can a person be low at any level when God resides in him! The only effort is to remove the dust from the mirror (Soul) so that the real self is realized and so in the Yoga sutra of Sage Patanjali he says “Tada drastruh swarupe avasthanam”.
Reading scriptures, reading good books of people like Viveknanda, Gandhiji etc helps.

Sarita Modi


Giving and Health

Giving benefits your health. A 14-year study of 2,700 people in Michigan, US, revealed that those who did charity work lived longer, were relatively free form heart disease, had lower blood pressure and greater peace of mind. The dynamics of happiness are asymmetrical. Fulfillment comes from giving, not receiving. The fact that so many people in the world are still disappointed, frustrated and unfulfilled despite the fact they live in opulence compared to many others is evidence that they have only received. 

Sadhu Vashwamurtidas



Intuition is a quick simultaneous dawning of knowledge that is accompanied by a solution. Intuition speaks from the divinity within you. Since Intuition is connected to our souls and to the Universal intelligence, it is always guiding us to our highest good and greater good of all.
Set your intention and trust, the Universe to take care of the details.

Life Positive, May 2003


Equanimity begets Cheerfulness

You just have to keep your Chitta completely uninfluenced by favourable and unfavourable circumstances, attachments and aversions to the world, it will remain pure forever.  Nature too becomes conducive to fulfill a resolve that emanates from such a pure chitta; and this is how miracles occur in the lives of great Saints.
The less a person is affected by external circumstances the greater he becomes.  The more one is disturbed by them, the more one falls down and becomes insignificant.  Those with a sense of egotism are more prone to be affected by insult and praise, while those devoid of egotism are not affected a bit in being eulogized by lacs of people or being insulted by the same. The equanimity of their chitta is never affected as they remain completely uninfluenced by external circumstances.

                                                                         Rishi Prasad, December 2004


Become “Nobody”

This becoming of ‘nobody’ or loss of ego is not a state of emptiness or boredom as people misinterpret. It is rather a state of indescribable of bliss, joy, and peace. It is with this awareness of pure ‘I’ that the great Shankaracharya proclaimed ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ i.e. ‘I am God’. This awareness of Divinity emanates in complete loss of ego when pure ‘I’ shines in you.
We do yoga and meditation just to know this pure ‘I’ or pure consciousness. As we see it more and more, we become transformed. It is this awareness which removes all our suffering and delusion. It can also be called our true and original nature or our innermost consciousness. Our ego or false ‘I’ is simply a superimposition over our original nature and is not a permanent part of us and can be discarded as soon as we wake up from our sleep of ignorance.  

Shri M.K. Gupta


Tiny Seed

The seed of the large Banyan tree is tiny, like mustard seed. It is so small that it can be blown away by the gentle breeze. The seed is however unaware of its hidden inherited potential. But when it is sown it submits itself to growth with the right inputs of water, air and sunlight, it grows to become great big Banyan tree. But even the Banyan tree has limits to its growth.
Jiva or soul is the fragmented part of the God or the Supreme Soul; it is therefore infinite. When we submit ourselves to the guidance of the Spiritual master, we have an opportunity to gain knowledge of Self through which we fully realize our hidden potential.

Ashutosh Ji Maharaj


 Back - Bones

There are four types of people. One, they express their desire that such and such thing should happen. But they do not take any steps to fulfill their desires. This set, I would call as “Wish Bones.” The second type of people are there. They talk a lot, they propose a lot of methods. They preach a lot. But, in action, they are just zero. This type is called the “Jaw Bones.” There is the third type. They have always the habit of finding fault with whatever anybody does. They would comment that such a thing is done in a wrong way. Thus - they just criticise the people who act. They do no positive contribution from their side. These could be called as “Knuckle – Bones.”  Then, there are the genuine people, who put their shoulder to the wheel and get the work done to their satisfaction. They do not waste their energies either in wishing or talking or criticising. They are work-prone and result-oriented. They are the "Back-Bones" of any organisation.

Yuva Bharati, May 2003