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Meditation: An Important Part of Life

In meditation we receive valuable advice from our inner self...

Meditation is a very important part of life. It is the way to calm the mind and emotions. Through meditation we come to know our self - it is the way to one's self. In meditation we come to know our qualities and can purify them.
When we meditate, we feel like a child in our mother's lap. Meditation is that which cradles our life as we move through the universe. Meditation leads us to God. Meditation helps us dissolve the boundaries between God and self. Meditation removes mountains of duality and ignorance and helps to overcome restlessness and sorrow.

Frequently in life we have questions arise about what we should, should not do. We seek answers from others hoping they will give us some direction but we can achieve the best answer ourselves through meditation. In mediation we receive valuable advice from our inner self. Meditation gives the correct inspiration and motivation to lead a healthy and long life. Meditation shows us the way to love and the way to serve. All who meditate have a successful life. Each holy person and saint meditates

However, meditation without a mantra is like a body without a soul. Therefore, use mantra during meditation but don't repeat it too quickly. It is not important how many times one repeats the mantra, what is important is the consciousness with which it is practised and that you are aware of what the mantra means. The feeling of the mantra should awaken within you.

"To meditate means to think of God and to feel the presence of God"

The technique of Self Enquiry Meditation is a technique that guides one to learn more about themselves and to learn how to forgive, to love and to maintain harmonious relationships. Self Enquiry Meditation also instructs one how to unite with the Cosmic Self. You will learn, "not only am I part of the universal One, I am one with the universal One. The universal One is within me and I am within the universal One, inseparable. It is impossible to separate my Atma (inner Self) from the Paramatma (universal One). God has sent me into this world as his very trustworthy instrument and that is why He gave me this life. Therefore, I should never disappoint Him. I should be thankful to God that He finds me so worthy of His love that He acts through me".

In reality, to meditate means to think of God and to feel the presence of God. The ultimate purpose of meditation is that we may be in oneness with God, that there be no duality, no doubts, no boundaries. There should be nothing to obstruct or inhibit us in this feeling:

"That eternal, ever-lasting divine bliss is the source in my heart. I am That and That I am."


Sarvabhaum Jagadguru Mahamandaleshwar
Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda

Reference: Bhavan Australia,September 2008