Mind And Body Health
Holistic Living

Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornaatpoornamudachyate

Poornasya Poornamaadasya Poornamevavashishyate

-          Ishopanishad

 Whole universe has got an integral existence. It is interrelated, interdependent and cohesive in nature.  We are not isolated beings. We are part of universe and thus inter connected. Man is unique individual made up of complex emotions, appetites and desires. Holistic Living harmonizes the body, mind and spirit.

 Thus Holistic Living may be defined as Simple, spiritual, purposeful, peaceful and productive living with moderation in food intake, adequate exercise and positive thinking and attitude to life. Holistic Living is an art of living in harmony with nature and concern to the whole universe.

 Holistic Living is further described in detail as follows:

  1. Living: simple living with essentials and contentment. Without vulgar consumption / excess syndrome. Day to Day Living consciously (i.e with awareness) and conscientiously (with conscience); Child like (innocent, happy and without reaction); Taking each challenge in life as an opportunity to learn and show dynamic action and following hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.  Gandhiji’s Simple living and high thinking is the manthra of Holistic Living. Control over food brings control over senses, yogasanas will make the body relax, and Pranayama will slow down breath and Meditation will calm down the mind.
  2. Ahăr (Food): Vegetarian, freshly cooked food, plenty of vegetables and fruits. Good breakfast, moderate lunch and light supper before 8 PM. Fasting once a week (start with one night and increase to a day).
  3. Vihăr (Exercise): Walking for 20-30 min daily with awareness and appreciating the nature. (the trees, leaves, flowers, fruits, birds, clouds, sun, moon, stars etc)
  4. Vichăr (Thinking): Cultivate positive thinking. Read good books with wisdom and listen to noble people (Mindset should change from negative thinking to positive thinking). 
  5. Achăr: Right action. Doing good work or deed.
  6. Hard work and commitment to the task undertaken (putting soul into it). In the chosen area one should devote to the cause, to leave the World better than one found it.
  7. Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation for 30 min. in the morning and / or night for Integration of Body – Mind - Soul.
  8. Detachment and treating things equanimously 
  9. Sharing and Sacrifice (A small percentage in earnings may be kept aside for charity)
  10. Grateful service to the community showing Gratitude for all the blessings in life.
  11. Cultivating love and compassion
FAITH and PRAYER to Almighty as per one’s faith is very important for divine support.
Introspection at night for the day in silence for 10 min.

        Live a whole, Sampurna or Natural and experience divinity.