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Egoless Passion Generates Creative Energy 

The word “Passion” is automatically associated with ego or a very strong self-sense. But there is a different kind of passion that is absolutely free from ego. This passion is synonymous with the energy or the impulse behind the evolutionary process itself, the force of creation itself. When that creative impulse is unleashed within the individual, extraordinary things become possible. 

When a conscious human being - who has transcended the fears and desires of the separate ego to a significant degree – feels this intense passion for evolution awakening within, it’s recognized as a sense of care, that something must happen that’s more important than anything else. And there’s a tremendous impersonal, non-egotistic passion in this. One has nothing personal to gain from it. 

Andrew Cohen

 (Courtesy: Life Positive, July 05; Speaking Tree, TOI, November 05 and

Spiritual India, October 05)