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Enlightenment: By Sadhu Vaswani

What may a man do to be enlightened?

1. Sanga:  To be enlightened, you must be in contact with a man of light, an illumined one. To live with such a one is a rare privilege: his life will give more than a million books can. Out of life cometh life and a man of light will wake up within you, the centre of light. 

2. Meditation: Through meditation you will gradually grow in harmony with the man of light. Meditation aims at harmony, rhythmic vibration. Remember, too, that you are helped on in meditation by spiritual pictures and symbols. As you grow in meditation, you will find how veil after veil is drawn back, until a new revelation of what you are in the depths rises before you: a new consciousness of your hidden powers awakes within you. You become conscious of new reserves of life in your being.

3. Love and the service of love: Donít aim for big things. Serve in little acts of kindness, little deeds of love. And in every act of service, whether done to a bird or animal or a poor, lowly man in need , what you give is an offering to your guru, your Ishta, the God-man, the man of light, the enlightened one.

Through sanga, meditation and seva, the mirror of the heart is cleansed of impurities. When the heart is pure enough, it draws rays of the divine sun and hears the naad shabda, the Word, I am, Sat Naam, Om Tat Sat, Om or Illahu.