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Enlightenment: By Osho

For many lives, I had been working upon myself, and nothing was happening. Now I understand why. The very urge to seek was the obstacle. There comes a point when seeking has to be dropped.

Seven days before 21 March, 1953, I stopped working on myself.

A moment comes when you see the whole futility of effort. And the day I was not expecting something to happen, it started happening. A new energy arose out of no-where. It was everywhere. And I had been seeking it far away. The day effort ceased, I also ceased…!

For seven days, I lived in a hopeless and helpless state.

When I say hopeless I simply mean there was no hope in me. I was not hopeless and sad. I was tranquil, calm and centered… both hope and hopelessness had disappeared… it was in a bottomless abyss. There was no fear because there was nothing to protect, nobody to be afraid.

Those seven days were of tremendous transformation !

And the last day the presence of a new energy, a new delight became so intense that it was unbearable… as if I was exploding. As the Westerners say, I was blissed out…

The whole day was a shattering experience. The past was a disappearing, as if I had dreamed about it. I was becoming a ‘non-being’, what Buddha calls ‘anatta’. Distinctions were disappearing.

Mind was disappearing !

By the evening, it became difficult to bear, it was so painful, like birth pangs. It became impossible to remain awake. Something was going to happen, maybe my death, but there was no fear …

I went to sleep at about eight. It was not like sleep. Now I can understand what Pathanjali means when he says that sleep and Samadhi are similar. Only with one difference … in Samadhi you are asleep and awake together and a light of awareness burns within you.

The body was asleep, I was awake ! It was as if one was torn into two dimensions, as if I was both the polarities together… the positive and negative were. You can never be the same after that experience !

Around mid-night my eyes suddenly opened. I felt a great presence in the room, a throbbing life, almost like a hurricane, a grate storm of light, joy, ecstasy. I was drowning in it.

Everything become unreal because now there was reality for the first time. This is what the Buddha, means he says ‘the world is a mirage’. There is a reality. Once you come  to know it, this so called reality simply becomes unreal…There is an awakening… that night, for the first time, I understand the meaning of maya.

Suddenly it was there, the really real, or whatever you want to call it ‘God’, ‘Truth’, ‘Dhamma’ or ‘Tao’. It was too much ! it will suffocate me !.

I came out in the street. Immediately the feeling of being suffocated disappeared. I walked towards a garden. It was a totally towards a garden. It was a totally new walk, I was feeling weight-lee.

For the first time I was not alone, the drop has fallen into the ocean ! Now the whole ocean was mine, I was the ocean. It was almost one ‘o’ clock in the night. Something was pulling me towards the garden. It was there, call it God… God was there !

The moment I entered the garden everything became luminous ! I could see the whole garden alive, even the small grass leaves ! I looked around. One tree was tremendously luminous…the maulshree tree ! it pulled me towards itself ! As I sat under the tree, thing started setting. The whole universe became a benediction !

It is difficult to say how long I was in that state. When I went back home, it was four in the morning, so I must have been there at least three hours, but it was not the strength of a rock but of a rose flower, so fragile, so sensitive, so delicate. Or, the strength of a dew-drop shining in the morning sun … so beautiful, so precious, and yet it can slip away any moment.

Buddhas have a strength which is not of this world. Their strength is totally of love. There is the strength of life, not of death. Their power is that of compassion.

I am fragile, delicate and sensitive. That is my strength. If you throw a rock at a flower nothing will happen to the rock, the flower will be gone. But you cannot say that the rock is powerful than the flower. The flower will be gone because the flower was alive. The flower will be gone because the flower has no strength to destroy.

Courtesy:   Spiritual India
July – Aug 2005