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The Leaves of the Lotus

Those who practice the yoga of knowledge, transcend all duality.  They like nothing, and they dislike nothing; they desire nothing, and they fear nothing.  They are free from the bondage of self-will.  Ignorant people think that the yoga of knowledge and the yoga of action are utterly different, and even opposed; but wise people recognize that both lead to the same goal. The person, who is adept in the yoga of knowledge, will attain the rewards of selfless action; the person, who is adept in the yoga of action, will attain the rewards of divine knowledge.

         The yoga of knowledge is difficult to practice without any action. So those who wish to make rapid progress on the path to God, dedicate themselves to the service of others.  They learn to master the senses and to conquer selfish desires; and in this way, they perceive the soul in all living beings.

         As people practice the yoga of action, a moment comes when they think: ‘I am not performing these actions’. In seeing and hearing, smelling and touching, eating and walking, sleeping and breathing, even opening and closings the eyes, they realize that the body has become the servant of the soul.

         The leaves of the lotus remain clean and dry even in the muddiest water. In the same way, those who practice the yoga of action, offering all their actions to God, cannot be touched by sin. In every situation, they remain pure.

- Bhagavad Gita
 Courtesy -
  Splendour, August 2008