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Mahatma Gandhi on Gandhism

                For me the road to salvation lies through incessant toil in the service of my country.  There is no such thing as ‘Gandhism’ and I do not want to leave any sect after me.  I do not claim to have originated any new principle or doctrine.  I have simply tried in my own way to apply the eternal truths to our daily life and problems.  Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills.   All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could do.

                I want you also to grow with me.  I should not care to know what happens after I am gone. Forget me, therefore, cleave not to my name but cleave to the principles, measure every one of your activities by that standard and face fearlessly every problem that arises.

                Truth and ahimsa will never be destroyed, but if Gandhism is another name for sectarianism, it deserves to be destroyed.

                We have to make truth and non-violence not matters for mere individual practice but for practice by groups and communities and nations.  That, at any rate, is my dream.