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Deficiency of Noble Minds

            To what disgusting venality politicians degenerate is becoming too evident from the competitive populist promises they make namely nine hours free electricity for farmers, free house sites and houses for the poor, waiver of farmer’s loans – Rs. 30,000 crores, rice at Rs. 2/Kg, disburse Rs. 1,00,000 crores as loans to women.

            Innocent Indians may be wondering as to how the vast programmes of poor-feeding, housing and clothing and welfare could be financed.  Gone are leaders who extolled the virtues of work and thrift; who taught people that education, acquisition of skills and life-long learning alone will make people and the country self-reliant and prosperous and powerful.  True leaders must educate people as Gandhiji did; inspire them as Swamy Vivekananda and Lokamanya Tilak did.  The present crop of leaders in their all-consuming hunger for power are competing to please voters, religious communities, caste-groups and even criminal gangs.  They don’t show any zeal to promote education for all and limiting family sizes limited to the parent’s capability and means to bring them up as educated employable, aspiring, cultured citizens.  The results are: deteriorating internal security, social and communal conflicts, growing crime and impunity to criminals, demands for rights and utter neglect of duties, all pointing to decline and destruction of India.  India can still be saved from politicians if we remember and act on the wisdom of Edmund Burke’s words.  “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” and recall Gandhiji’s words!

            “Those who claim to lead the masses must resolutely refuse to be led by them, if we want to avoid mob law and desire ordered progress for the country.  I believe that mere protestation of one’s opinion and surrender to the mass opinion is not only  not enough, but in matters of vital importance, leaders must act contrary to the mass of opinions if it does not commend itself to their reason”.

            “A great civilization is not conquered from without but it is destroyed by itself from within”, said the American historian, philosopher, Will Durant about ancient Rome.

            India’s case by our political leaders in whom, in the words of former great President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam “there is a deficiency of noble minds”!

Excerpt from Editorial, Bharatiya Pragna, October 2007