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Pope’s Call to Humanity: Restore Order and Harmony in the World

                Everyone is indeed aware how the development and the application of any invention to a military purpose almost everywhere brings harm out of proportion, even in the political sphere, to the advantages which are derived from them and which could be secured by other paths at less cost and danger, or be quite simply postponed to a more  convenient time.

                Such quantities of material, such sums of money derived from saving and the result of restrictions and toil, such expenditure of human labour taken away from urgent needs, are consumed to prepare these new arms, that even the wealthiest nations must foresee the times in which they will regret the dangerously weakened harmony of the national economy, or are in fact already regretting it, through they endeavour to conceal the fact.

 From the pages of Bhavan’s  Journal, January 31, 1958.