Mind And Body Health
Enlightenment: By Buddha

The great promise and reward of enlightenment: the end of suffering. No more pain. No more anguish, no more anger, no more hurt, no more regret, no more jealousy, no more hate, no more aversion, no more fear, no more resistance, no more reaction. And since they cannot disappear without their opposites doing so, no more short-lived pleasure, no more excitement, no more craving, no more self-centered love, no hopes, no expectations, no desires. No more mind stuff. In its place- a vast unconditional acceptance of reality. As is, where is. In this zone, stillness and peace reside. Past and future cannot enter. Time and space coalesce into the ever-present here and now. Freedom unfurls its flag. Freedom from bondage to anyone or anything. Freedom from conditioning. Freedom from the self. Freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Liberation, self-realisation, moksha, nirvana, satori, call it what you will.