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Enlightenment: By Andrew Cohen

           If we go very deeply into a state of meditation – beyond the mind, beyond the body, beyond the world, beyond the time – we experience pure consciousness, all pervading, formless Being. No thing exists in that pristine emptiness, and yet it is the ground from which the whole universe emerged, and is still emerging right now, including you and me. So enlightenment, in the traditional, pre-modern sense, is about discovering unconditional freedom through awakening to this empty ground of limitless being, this eternal self, and abiding there constantly.  

In Pre-modern era, it was believed that time moves in cycles, and so the goal of pre-modern enlightenment was to escape from the process of cyclical existence and the law of Karma, and rest in Being itself, never having to return to this world.

Post-modern enlightenment or Evolutionary Enlightenment is based upon the discovery that time does not move in cycles. Now we know that cosmos is part and parcel of a deep time developmental process – which means it is in a constant state of becoming – from nothing to energy to matter of life to you and I, being able to have this conversation! It’s taken a very long time – 14 billion years, according to Current Science – for this conversation to be possible.

In light of this, it simply no longer makes sense to see the ultimate spiritual goal as transcendence of this world.

Enlightenment redefined in an evolutionary context, expresses the drawing revelation that from now on, our conscious participation in the evolutionary process has literally become essential to the Creative unfolding of the cosmos.

Living a simple life based upon our deepest moral, ethical, philosophical and spiritual insights about the nature of Life itself. i.e. Spiritual Living – individual spiritual practice to a larger goal of evolution, the reason why “our conscious participation in the evolutionary process has literally become essential to the creative unfolding of the cosmos.