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Enlightenment: By Guruji Anand Yogi

In a monastery near Almora in the Himalayas he found the guru he had long sought - Swami Pavitrananda. Gururaj was led by him step by step through the illusory veils of the conditioned conscious and subconscious mind towards the Superconscious Self.

After a period of intensive and careful preparation under the direction of Pavitrananda, Gururaj reached the critical point in his development where he was ready for the breakthrough into full illumination. Gururaj stated that "for some time my meditations had been very deep and I knew that I was ready for the experience of Nivrikalpa Samadhi". (Nivrikalpa Samadhi: The state of consciousness in which there is a permanent, fully opened channel between the conscious and superconscious mind).

Then on a hot Thursday afternoon the long-awaited experience arrived. In Gururaj's own words: "Pavitrananda casually summoned me to meditate with him. In Pavitrananda's presence I slipped almost immediately into a profound meditation. I merged into a state of blissful consciousness far beyond the realms of space and time". It was a state of "joyful, eternal freedom, of immense peacefulness and yet vast power, transcending all the limitations and conditionings of my mind". He knew with certainty beyond the possibility of description that "what I was experiencing was in fact my Real Self". It was totally clear that "my mind, my body, my personality were only reflections and expressions of this real and true Nature".

He said that "when I surfaced from meditation two hours had gone by - but it could have been two minutes, so far had I been from ordinary time. When I opened my eyes, everything around me was covered in gold". He could perceive with total, immediate certainty, not as a mental concept, but as a living experience, that "everything around me myself included - as simply dancing, vibrating patterns of energy. I just knew that I was the very same joyous, unbounded energy as everything and everyone around me - indeed of all of creation". It was as if "my consciousness was their consciousness and their consciousness was mine". At the same time it was "as if we were all part of a vast, infinitely larger consciousness". And yet he knew that "no words could even begin to describe the full reality of that experience - one must just have the experience to know".

Yet, it is inevitably a part of the human creative urge to try to give some form of outward expression to inward realisations. Thus some who, like Gururaj, have fully attained this state - and many who have only glimpsed it have written extensively about their experience. They have chosen what seemed appropriate words or names to describe it, but usually the terms selected are to some extent dictated by their cultural heritage particularly their religious or philosophical background.

Therefore, this state of illumined consciousness has been called by many names. A Christian or Jew might speak of "God-realisation", of reunion with their "Divine Source". A Burmese Buddhist might speak of "Nirvana", a Japanese Zen Buddhist of "Satori" or "Enlightenment". The Western philosopher might speak of "Unity Consciousness", an Indian philosopher of "Brahman Consciousness". A Western psychologist might speak of "Transpersonal Awareness". Perhaps the most neutral term used is "Self Realisation", since it does not imply any special religious or philosophical commitments.

 Having once fully and permanently entered the self realised state, Gururaj could perceive with perfect clarity and simplicity a truth which he had often encountered in his philosophical reading. In his own words: "It was so very obvious to me that having realised this state, it made little difference how one arrived there - provided the path a person chose was right for that individual. One could be a Christian or a Jew, a Hindu or a Moslem, a Buddhist or a Taoist, a student of Eastern or Western philosophy".

Courtesy: www.fisu.org